Whiskey now available in cans

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Want to spice up your next date, picnic, or corporate outing? Ditch the Yoo-hoo and instead grab as much canned whiskey as your arms will allow.

This may sound more loco than Four Loko to us Yanks, but whiskey in cans is evidently all the rage down in South America. Of course, it's the British paper Daily Mail that has to tell us what's going on with our own hemispheric neighbors.

"Outdoor drinkers" are the main target, the article reports, but the makers hope old-fashioned indoor drinkers will also join the fun. "We are really thrilled with the idea — it’s going to be a part of every lifestyle and occasion," said the CEO of Panama-based Scottish Spirits (they have an office in Glasgow), the company behind the tinny innovation. One whiskey expert is cautiously optimistic, saying,

"Obviously, this is not the traditional way to sell a dram, but I’ve seen it on draught in Chicago and out of plastic sachets in Uganda, so it might catch on somewhere. It will certainly be cheaper than buying a big bottle, and Scotch spends some of its life in metal containers during the distillation process anyway."

Each can will contain twelve ounces of whiskey, "the equivalent of eight shots." It's probably only a matter of time until it comes in the gut-busting "Trenta."