Wikileaks reveals Anna Nicole Smith’s rampage in the Bahamas

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This is certainly one name I never expected to see in the leaked US diplomatic cables. Anna Nicole Smith — who had… a show, or… a sex tape? Who had fame, for some reason — was apparently such a destabilizing force in the island nation that she almost unseated the sitting government in her time there. Just check out the hilarious start of this cable:

Not since Category 4 Hurricane Betsy made landfall in 1965 has one woman done as much damage in Nassau. Lying in disarray in her wake are Doctor's Hospital, the Coroner's Court, the Department of Immigration, local mega-lawyers Callenders and Co., formerly popular Minister of Immigration Shane Gibson, and possibly Prime Minister Christie's PLP government.

It must be a sad day for a Prime Minister when a woman known for forcing her friends and family to get tattoos of her face threatens your job. The issue at the center of it all? How quickly Smith was granted residency in the Bahamas, a process that can take years but in Smith's case took about a month. (Turns out, all you need to do to speed that business up is deliver a $10,000 check to the Immigration Minister! Duh.)

Combine that with a public convinced that their government favors the privileged and a media more than happy to cover a big political scandal with the added draw of celebrity, and bam: Anna Nicole Smith becomes the face of Bahaman havoc.