Woman calls 911 to force her boyfriend to propose

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I can't decide: is this better or worse than the woman who called 911 over her chicken McNuggets last week? Probably worse, since this lady lied about a domestic assault: a woman in Chicago called police Sunday night to report that her boyfriend was attacking her. After racing to the scene, the police found out she wasn't entirely telling the truth. What she really wanted was for the cops to try to force her boyfriend into proposing.

Now, I'm no relationship expert, but I feel like this would never become one of those funny "You'll never believe how we got engaged!" stories down the line. (Not to mention, I don't even know how this plan was supposed to go down: like, the police would cut him a deal if he just proposed? Or would they just give him a stern but thoughtful talk about maturity and letting go of a fear of commitment?)

Shockingly, the police were not pleased and arrested the woman on the charge of disorderly conduct. And it turns out the boyfriend was nowhere near proposing anyway — he was actually going to break up with her.