Woman claims she was visited by the ghost of Jim Morrison

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The ghost of the Lizard King himself, deceased lead singer of The Doors, Jim Morrison, apparently visited his childhood home in Arlington, Virginia three times, according to a woman named Rhonda Baron, whose parents own the home where she still lives. Morrison died in 1971, but Baron claims that ten years after that, Morrison's spirit visited her in her bed several times, in the form of a transparent "haze."

Baron seems to think that the visitations by Morrison's hazy spirit had an altruistic motive. Namely, she had boyfriend issues, and he wanted to offer his assistance. According to Baron, he then stopped showing up after her problem was resolved, presumably teleporting himself over to Paris to help promising young bards spruce up their iambic pentameter. I know nothing of Baron's psychiatric history, nor why she's spilling the beans thirty years after the fact, but since there's no evidence of the Morrison visits, such as lost verses from An American Prayer, or an Indian-bead necklace, we'll have to take her word for it. Or not. Morrison's ghost also gets points for being a kindly relationship doctor, and not a terrifying incubus.