Woman literally paralyzed by hickey

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There are a lot of things one can catch from kissing. Colds, I think, and… cousins, maybe? I don't know, I've never kissed anybody, and this is why:

The 44-year-old New Zealander went to the emergency room after she found that she couldn't move her left arm while she was watching TV. … Doctors concluded that she had had a stroke but were perplexed as to why, the paper said. Then they found a "love bite" on her neck near a major artery, and discovered a clot in the artery beneath the hickey — a small vertical bruise.

You'll probably need some time to get past the fact that people in New Zealand and possibly elsewhere call hickeys "love bites." And when you're done with that, you'll need a bit more time to wrap your brain around the idea of a middle-aged person who still gets hickeys. Only after that can you begin to digest the thought of a hickey partially paralyzing a human being. And by the time you're done with all of that, you'll realize that you haven't actually moved for a good twenty minutes, at which point you'll start furiously checking your body for love bites.