Woman who took a poll on her own abortion loses job

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Alisha and Pete Arnold

Finally, some mildly vindicating news to accompany the super-unsettling news about Pete and Alisha Arnold, the couple that posted the probably-fake poll to let the public decide whether or not Alisha should have an abortion: Alisha has been fired from her job at Eagan Software, via company-wide memo, no less! The company called her behavior a "grave threat" to its reputation and a lawyer explained, in so many words, that her right to free speech isn't their problem.

Whether or not the whole thing is a pro-life stunt or Pete and Alisha genuinely thought this poll was a great way to kick off their potential parenting careers, it's nice to know that people who have to deal with them in real life are just as weirded out by this as everyone else. On the other hand, if Alisha's unemployed, she now has basically limitless time to spend on the internet, where she's already proven she can't be trusted. Let's call it a wash?