World’s most pierced woman marries totally normal guy

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Forty-six-year-old Elaine Davidson, who holds a Guinness Record for having 7,000 piercings on her body, was married in a small ceremony in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Brazilian-born bride was resplendent in a white gown, tiara, and algae-colored face paint. She sported 192 piercings on her face alone. Davidson — whose website describes her other talents as sleeping on a bed of nails, fire walking, and lying on broken glass — is a former nurse who first set the record for piercings in 2000. Of her 6,925 piercings, more than 1,500 are "internal." Whatever that means.

And what of the groom? Was he, too, punctured by row after row of stainless steel? Nope, he's totally normal. Douglas Watson has no tattoos or piercings, and he wore a plain old suit to his wedding. He and Elaine met fifteen years prior at a coffee shop and have been together ever since. I've got to say that this sweet, mismatched pair of love birds really brightened my day.