Wyclef Jean shot in Haiti

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Wyclef Jean holding Haiti's flag.

Between the tumult in Libya and the devastating disaster in Japan, many didn't realize that the still earthquake-ravaged Haiti held its presidential election today. Of course, had Wyclef Jean been allowed to run, we Americans would've been much more attentive, though it seems that Jean found a way to divert our attention toward Haiti nonetheless… by getting shot.

Or so he says. The would-be presidential candidate was taken to the hospital for what he says was a gunshot to the hand; Haitian officials, however, suspect that it was merely a cut by glass. As reported by the New York Daily News:

"The way I can explain it is that the bullet grazed me in my right hand," said the hip-hop singer, who has been in Haiti campaigning on behalf of Michel (Sweet Micky) Martelly. "I heard blow, blow, blow and I just looked at my hand."

Jean said he was in a car with a driver in the Delmas section of the capital at the time. He doesn't know who fired the shots, or whether they were directed at him, the thirty-seven-year-old Grammy winner said.

Cops down-played the violence, and say the New Jersey resident — a Haitian-American who hoped to compete in the Caribbean nation's ongoing presidential race — suffered only a minor cut to his hand from glass in an apparent accident.

So it comes down to whether you trust a former Fugee with delusions of grandeur or police officers on the payroll of a habitually corrupt government. At any rate, results from the election will be delayed for reasons unrelated to Wyclef Jean. Citizens aren't exactly optimistic, either; said one Haitian voter, “I’m here to do my civic duty, but I don’t believe any man can change Haiti. Only God can change this country.”