You can now buy John Lennon’s old to-do list

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John Lennon to-do list

I hate to be the one to break this to you, but John Lennon wasn't actually a beacon of genius songwriting and peacemaking during his every single waking moment on this earth. Sometimes he just wanted to get his HBO hooked up.

If you feel like paying at least $3,000 for the privilege, you can now own hard evidence of Lennon's uninteresting day-to-day, in the form of a yellowed old to-do list. Gotta Have Rock and Roll, the same website that once auctioned off one of the singer's teeth for $32,000, calls the list "An amazing look into the 'everyday-ness' of one of rock'n'roll's most important icons! Very good condition." 

Items on the former Beatle's list, dated 5/22 but with no specific year, include some serious concerns about his premium cable: "H.B.O. Guy coming between 3-5: BE THERE. (the other guy didn't know what was wrong)." Lennon adds in further notes-to-self about this later: "You Let him in. You tell him what to do. Yesterday he made an offer to attach FM radio (or something) – I wasn't sure what he meant."

Lennon also reminds himself to "ask Sam Green for Thor Heyerdahl book (return)," and wonders, "Would it be a good idea to make sure both cars have full gas tanks?" 

Heady stuff, unquestionably. But maybe it's a better to save your money for the next time one of his teeth hits the auction block?