10% of New York teens have sex with both men and women, study finds

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In a study of 7,241 sexually active teenagers in New York City, researches found that about ten percent admit to having sexual interactions with both men and women. Which basically supports what lots of people already think, that teenagers these days don't have the same attitudes about sexuality and experimentation that teens even a decade ago had.

Not all of those teens self-identify as bisexual, however — many still consider themselves straight. Which leads to one of the study's more distressing finds: the teens who swing both ways had the lowest rates of condom usage out of any group in the study.

"It has been shown in the literature that students who have both male and female partners have a lot of adverse health problems," said Dr. Susan Blank, an assistant city health commissioner.

She said the study provides a reminder that "our public health prevention messages really need to look at behavior, not identity."

It does make sense that teenagers who consider themselves totally gay might not know/care to know about how to go about same-sex interactions safely, and vice-versa. (And, you know, teenagers aren't always known for being great decision makers.) So remember, teenagers: use a condom all the time. You'll thank me when you don't have penicillin-resistant syphilis.