12 facts about the state of internet dating

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Online dating stats

Congratulations to the online dating industry, which is now a $1 billion industry in the United States and still growing by 10% every year. As this handy (and heavily-shared) chart from Visual Economics shows, more and more people are moving online… and finding true happiness (somehow).  

Online dating sites have, in fact, become a big business. They’ve also become pretty good matchmakers over the years. In 2008, online dating sites were credited with setting in motion 120,000 marriages.

How successful have online dating sites been when it comes to revenues? You might be surprised; these sites generate more revenues than does online pornography. In fact, online dating sites rank as the third most popular of the paid content sites dotting the Internet, behind only digital music and video games.

And the projections are that the revenues earned by online dating sites will just continue to grow. In 2007, dating sites earned about $1.03 billion in revenues. In 2012, that figure is expected to climb to $1.65 billion. [Visual Economics]

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