Carol Bone

This is 62-year-old grandmother Carol Bone. She's been married twice and got out of a 21-year relationship in 2008. Since then, she says, she's been trolling the dating sites looking for guys, which isn't surprising. What did jump out at me is her claim that she's spent the night with 200 different guys in the last two years, thanks to memberships on 13 different dating sites.

Is Ms., uh, Bone telling the truth?

“My age means nothing. I have a really high sex drive,” sex-obsessed Carol Bone said in an interview with UK’s Closer magazine. “Why shouldn’t I enjoy myself?”

The grandmother of seven said in only two years she bedded more than 200 men she met by joining 13 dating Web sites.

“I just enjoy sex. I am not looking for anything serious. I am done with relationships – I want fun,” she said. [Tabloid Prodigy]

She says that she mostly dates (a.k.a. sleeps with) men in their thirties or forties because men over fifty are too tired to get it on. And before you say, "Ah, she's just looking for a warm body to sleep next to," you should know that she always kicks them out of bed after doing the deed.

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Commentarium (26 Comments)

Nov 08 10 - 2:14pm

Dare I say she's "Good to the Bone?"

Nov 08 10 - 2:19pm

The internet has given us so many possibilities, its almost hard to imagine. One of them is finding someone to have sex with. It's just too easy now! There are so many horny men out there looking to get laid, all a woman has to do is sign up on a dating website and wait for the hundreds of responses to come pouring in. I've met lots of men that way, and I have no doubts that Carol's claim is true. She may be an older "cougar", but there are hoards of guys out there that are more than willing to give her what she wants. I think she's got a great attitude and I hope she keeps on seducing all the men she can handle.

Nov 08 10 - 3:12pm

Fuck yeah, granny. That is one awesome woman.

Nov 08 10 - 3:20pm

There's hope yet for old age.

Nov 08 10 - 3:33pm

Go you!

Nov 09 10 - 1:32am

Best last name for a GILF ever!

May 24 11 - 1:45pm

I think it's spelled GMILF, but yeah, I know, right?

Nov 09 10 - 11:17am

"All cats are gray in the dark." -Benjamin Franklin

Nov 09 10 - 12:46pm

< Barf>

Nov 11 10 - 1:16pm

What happens to morality?! I am not sure!!

Nov 11 10 - 1:21pm

How can I find her?

Nov 11 10 - 1:39pm

Its private, everybody can have sex. Why should we think its strange? let here have funnnn.

Nov 11 10 - 1:50pm

ummmmmmmmm is perfect & sexy hahahahaha

Nov 11 10 - 1:58pm
40 year old lust man

i love her

Nov 11 10 - 2:02pm

I wish i had a grandmother like that :)

Nov 11 10 - 4:43pm

aawww, I wouldn't fuck her even if she payed me a lot. look at her fucking old skin. old slut. aaww i bet she has a dirty smelly pussy

Nov 11 10 - 5:57pm

"Just for fuck"? mmmmm I am not sure if it really satisfy me.... currently, I prefer peace, love, comfort, and a good sex with "one woman" to have lots of fuck friends...

Nov 11 10 - 10:03pm

She is so horny. could you tell me how I can find her to have sex with her?

Nov 11 10 - 11:42pm

I feel sorry for her. She has respect for others at all, acts like animals....

Nov 11 10 - 11:43pm

I feel sorry for her. She has no respect for others at all and acts like animals

Nov 12 10 - 12:59am

unfortunately these kind of behavior has no similarity with human being behavior ... shame on these kind of people at least she could get a partner to spend the rest of life with..

Nov 12 10 - 1:41am

Nima @
you have Perisan name but i am sure you are an arab man, are not you ????

Nov 12 10 - 3:39am

heif ni adam kiresh laye choob bezare
U R right

Nov 12 10 - 2:37pm

Who linked to this in Al-jazeera?

Nov 15 10 - 5:36am
kelle n louise

good on u its ur choice as long as ur having fun n been careful x x

Dec 31 10 - 11:02am

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