62-year-old grandmother boasts of 200 sex partners since 2008

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Carol Bone

This is 62-year-old grandmother Carol Bone. She's been married twice and got out of a 21-year relationship in 2008. Since then, she says, she's been trolling the dating sites looking for guys, which isn't surprising. What did jump out at me is her claim that she's spent the night with 200 different guys in the last two years, thanks to memberships on 13 different dating sites.

Is Ms., uh, Bone telling the truth?

“My age means nothing. I have a really high sex drive,” sex-obsessed Carol Bone said in an interview with UK’s Closer magazine. “Why shouldn’t I enjoy myself?”

The grandmother of seven said in only two years she bedded more than 200 men she met by joining 13 dating Web sites.

“I just enjoy sex. I am not looking for anything serious. I am done with relationships – I want fun,” she said. [Tabloid Prodigy]

She says that she mostly dates (a.k.a. sleeps with) men in their thirties or forties because men over fifty are too tired to get it on. And before you say, "Ah, she's just looking for a warm body to sleep next to," you should know that she always kicks them out of bed after doing the deed.

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