64-year old father of 88 wants 100 kids by 2015

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In fruitful multiplication news, a sixty-four-year-old United Arab Emirates man, Daad Murad Abdul Rahman, is set to marry an eighteen-year-old Indian woman at the conclusion of Ramadan. But the May-December arranged union is not the whole story.

Mr. Rahman is the father of eighty-eight children. And he wants more. In fact, he's hoping to reach the century mark by the year 2015.

Rahman, whose kids range in age from thirty-nine years old to a few months, stated, "I will stop marrying when I have 100 children. I hope to achieve that with this marriage." And he was over the moon about his prospective wife. "I'm thrilled about my wedding. She is a pretty girl. I have seen her photograph. I speak to her over the phone. I have applied for visa to visit India for the marriage. Most probably, I will leave for India after Eid [a Muslim holiday]."

The guy who hopes to sire the equivalent of twenty basketball teams added, "Every marriage is a celebration in our family as children get new clothes, sweets, and gifts. We will have to cut at least four sheep for the festivities."

Rahman receives a pension from the UAE Armed Forces, financial aid, and various other benefits such as free houses from the government. His family, currently consisting of 127 members, lives in seven homes spread throughout various emirates. Rahman said he had been married fifteen times, but had divorced twelve of those wives, some of whom still stay with him.

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