85-year-old Connecticut woman to marry for the first time

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Finally, here's proof that we won't die alone, even if we make it to old age without finding a life partner. 85-year-old Connecticut native Ruth Franz is a spinster no longer after walking down the aisle with Henry Jones, her business partner for over four decades.

Jones was married to another woman until her death about a year ago, but Franz did not pine after him. She tells the local press that she wasn't "waiting around" for a man and only just realized Jones meant so much to her recently.

…when Henry proposed, Ruth said, “I’ll think about it.” She said yes.

“I’m believing when I walk down that aisle and he sees me in the dress, the Lord will restore his eyesight,” Franz told the Press.

“I’ll have to be careful not to shout, ‘Hallelujah!’” Henry said.

The wedding happens on Monday because Ruth’s family is in town for a memorial service for her late older sister, Marie Stone. [MSNBC, via Lemondrop]

I guess when you reach old age, there's really no avoiding having to schedule everything around a funeral.