Abortion-polling couple decides to have the baby, ignoring 1.5 million voters

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Abortion protest

That obnoxious Minnesota couple who crowdsourced the internet to decide on the fate of their unborn child have "decided" to keep the baby. Of course, everyone knows this was all a stunt to make people who have abortions look bad, although it only served to get the wife fired from her job and to experience the power of 4chan, which rigged the voting with (apparently) 1.5 million votes to terminate the pregnancy.

The guy in the relationship (you'll note I'm not using their names — don't want to promote them any more than I have to) says the original total was 78% pro-abortion, but those votes were disqualified because of alleged cheating. He claims the actual total is closer to 73%… in favor of giving birth to a child that is already fucked for life, what with the parents he or she will have.

The wife still insists that she is not pro-life:

"Recently we were quoted by CNN as admitting that terminating the pregnancy was never on the table.  This is simply not true.  My husband may wish that that was the case, but our early disagreement about this pregnancy is what lead us to start the website in the first place.  I clearly stated this to the reporter at CNN but my opinion was not included in the article that was published."

Whatever. No matter what their intentions, I highly doubt they ever actually considered letting total strangers decide their future. This was always about publicity, whether it was for a "greater cause" or for personal gain…