Academic examines pickup artist Mystery, recoils in horror

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A new paper has been published analyzing the work of "pickup artist" Mystery (you know, the VH1 guy who looks like Criss Angel fell into a Spencer's Gifts), and conventional wisdom has been confirmed: not only is Mystery a complete douchebag, but his philosophy might actively encourage sexual assault.

Amanda Denes, a graduate student in Communications at UCSB, read through Mystery's tome The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed and analyzed it from biological, cultural, sociological, and rhetorical points of view. How her mind withstood such abuse is worthy of study in and of itself, but Denes concludes, among other things, that:

"[Mystery's book] promotes the false idea that women's sexuality is both uniform and controllable, and thus that with the appropriate techniques women can be persuaded to engage in sexual activity… [P]resenting such incorrect concepts as facts to large audiences may increase women's risk of nonconsensual or forced sexual activity."

Though I think it's pretty common knowledge that Mystery is a Joe Francis-level idiot, he does have a sizeable group of supporters, though they mostly seem to be a certain sleazy, easy-to-spot brand of creeper. It helps that sometimes they wear goggles, which, outside of a comic convention or amateur aviation club, just scream "I will touch you in ways you do not wish to be touched."

Maybe now, with the power of science, we can finally defeat Mystery and his particular brand of misogynistic snake oil. Or at least get him to stop wearing Jamiroquai's hat.