Acid attack victim bounces back into career as a fashion model

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Katie Piper Reveal magazine photo

Katie Piper is back. The twenty-seven-year-old model suffered horrible scarring after an ex-boyfriend paid a thug to douse her face with sulfuric acid, effectively ending Piper's modeling dreams. But one tabloid — probably for the sole purpose of selling magazines and not even remotely to do a good deed — hired her to pose for their pages in some beautiful outfits, touched up but with the scars still showing.

Most importantly, the shoot gave Piper her confidence back:

'Seeing these photos is such a significant moment for me. It's an amazing feeling to model and feel like a normal girl again. I'm supposed to be an acid-attack survivor but finally I'm just being me. I hope other disfigured women will see this and feel more confident too.

'I don't jump at the slightest noise any more and my emotional scars have healed dramatically. I still don't like crowds or going out alone in the dark but otherwise I lead a normal life. I go to restaurants and bars and chat to guys. I do want to get married and have kids but right now I'm too busy for a relationship.'  [Daily Mail, via Reveal]