England seems to have most of the good ideas these days. (Except for monarchism.) This is the country that brought us The Office and Downton Abbey, after all. And now, even their ads are on the cutting edge of technology.

Plan UK 's "Because I Am a Girl" campaign is using facial-recognition technology to ensure its ads are only seen by women. Women see a forty-second video about the importance of access to education for girls, whereas men only get to see a URL for the campaign's site. Apparently, the facial recognition works about 90% of the time, leaving the other 10% out in the cold with Justin Bieber. 

A Plan UK rep says the ad is supposed to make men understand what it's like to be excluded, explaining "We're not giving men the choice to see the full ad so they get a glimpse of what it's like to have basic choices taken away."

Get it? Like women in some countries are excluded from going to school? It's probably too subtle a point for American audiences. You know how that British humor is. We'd probably use this as a way to more effectively convince people they need diet pills. Or breast implants. 

Commentarium (3 Comments)

Feb 22 12 - 2:51pm

Very magnanimous of them to limit the visual pollution of the web for 49% of the population at least.

Feb 23 12 - 9:53am

You are so jealous of our Monarchy it's unreal, you wish you had an old woman riding around in a horse-drawn carriage waving at people and opening shopping centres (this is pretty much all she does btw, she has no REAL power).

May 13 12 - 8:31pm

heh, well. long live the queen!