Adult website to stream world’s first live “deflowering”

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madonna like a virgin

Like "green stoplight" and "jumbo shrimp," "virgin porn star" seems like an oxymoron. It's also the highlight of's weekend. Nikki Blue, a twenty-one-year old from the south is far from sexually inexperienced. She's tried anal and professes to "looooove oral," but on January 15, will be live streaming "the deflowering" of Ms. Blue.  

Says the creator of "We strive each and every day to bring the best possible content to our customers and sacrificing Nikki's innocence is in perfect alignment with what our fans expect and deserve." While many people still think that vaginal sex, specifically, denotes the loss of virginity, it's hard to think of a porn performer with such a fondness for anal sex as having any innocence left to take.

Living up to its name, Kink will make sure Blue's first time is memorable, incorporating bondage and quickly spreading the burden from one audience-elected deflowerer to three. And if kink's viewers still need a reason to tune in, this one-time-only performance will be kicked off with exclusive footage from a "hymen cam," a phrase I imagine will never be used on this blog again.