After demise of Craigslist’s Adult Services, a new leader in online prostitution emerges

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Village Voice Media has nobly taken the throne as the internet's top source for finding prostitutes., the VVM-owned destination for regional classifieds, has surged in traffic since September, when Craigslist decided to pull its ballyhooed erotic services section.

But heavy is the head that wears the crown; the New York Observer reports that Backpage is being charged for having "aided and abetted prostitution as well as the exploitation of children and child pornography by failing to investigate the ads."

Village Voice Media is fighting to have the case dismissed, as they have a lot of money at stake. (Craigslist's CEO, on the other hand, is famous for having "little interest in maximizing profit.") Said a consultant of Backpage's profitability, "There are clear signs that some revenue and listings are migrating to Backpage and to other sites that specialize in prostitution advertising."

In other words, "Great job, internet!"