Airline employee investigated for “Mile high club” sex with a passenger

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A female airline employee and male passenger are now under investigation following a mile-high sex romp that took place on a flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles. Sources say the pair was sitting side-by-side in business class, when they decided to partake in a little business of their own. (In all fairness, it is a eleven-hour trip, sometimes you have to find creative ways to pass the time.) 

According to reports of the incident, as soon as the cabin lights dimmed, the two began to get intimate and attempted to hide their fondling under a blanket. That's when passengers began to complain, presumably jealous of not living out some porn-tastic fantasy of their own. The pair were ordered by a senior flight attendant to desist and then were forcibly moved to different sections of the plane. 

The woman, not a flight attendant, was off-duty and traveling to the States on a discounted ticket. She had allegedly imbibed many glasses of champagne prior to the incident. According to Qantas, "The matter is being dealt with. The employee has returned to work." Which technically means she could be the sexy stranger sitting next to you on your next flight.