American Apparel goes full-bush in new advertisement

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The floundering hipster brand most notorious for its sexually provocative advertising is back to its old tricks —  this time, in the latest issue of Purple Magazine, with an ad featuring a model showcasing a pair of see-through panties. Alone, this is nothing new, but this model also happens to have a bit more pubic hair than is generally seen on the nearly-prepubescent ladies of the AA brand. Personally, I think it's an interesting and positive move for the company. Due to a combination of factors — one of which is certainly current trends pornography, in which female starlets are, more often than not, sporting full-on Brazilians — pubic-hairlessness has become so common that the sight of an unwaxed bush is almost an aberration.

Going bald is fine, if that's what you're into. I'm not here to argue that it's anti-feminist or that it represents the commodification of the female form by the porn industry, because I don't believe that. But I do believe that women shouldn't feel pressured by society to wax their public hair because they receive the message that remaining natural is somehow unclean or unsexy. And sexy ads featuring sexy ladies with sexy bushes send a positive message about acceptance of our bodies as they are.

Jessica Grose, managing editor of Slate’s women’s blog, Double X, chimed in on the photo:


Pubic hair is thought of as gross and undesirable now. It used to just be titillating but now it is thought of as icky, or at least untamed, so it signifies something unruly, slightly gross and out of control. It’s a provocative ad.

Embrace your bush, ladies. It looks good on you.