Pleasures sex toy drive through shop Alabama

Oh, the Pleasures of Alabama. For years, sex-toy stores in the state battled what Nerve once called "an accidental ban," eventually winning the right to exist. Now, Alabama's resident sex-toy chain is making a huge leap forward for the industry: drive-through stores.

On Saturday, Pleasures in Huntsville will open a drive-thru window (seen above), which will offer even more discrete sales via sealed shopping bags and the old teller-drawer trick. 

The new Pleasures adult store will be the country’s first to sell adult toys through a private, drive-thru window. The new location will also feature the Intimacy Clinic, offering weekly seminars and workshops, complimentary condoms, and marriage counseling.

The store's sexual health library will promote book signings. There’s also an outdoor lounge where patrons can smoke and drink wine and beer, and an indoor lounge featuring ToyBox Parties for giggling groups of women and private functions. [AVN]

Maybe now that $128 million lotto winner will finally overcome his fear and show up.

Commentarium (4 Comments)

Nov 10 10 - 6:13pm

We are not exactly known for being a state that makes sense. However, I'll take what I can get considering we don't have much of anything.

Nov 11 10 - 12:38am

Why are there 3 drive through bays? Are they going to sell dildos through the vacuum tubes?

Jul 22 11 - 2:51pm

Three drive through bays, one for each size of dildo you choose. lol

Nov 11 10 - 11:23am

I love this! Did they move into a defunct bank and just decide to make the best of it?