While the Center for Disease Control tracks lots of aspects of our daily lives, the clear winner for "most interesting statistics report" is their study of America's sex life, which they obviously research for its relevance to health issues like fertility and sexually transmitted infections and diseases. But those of us with more prurient minds can read it as a peek inside our fellow citizens' bedrooms, and my what an interesting look we're getting with these most recent results. Note: the sample was made up of 13,459 men and women between the ages of fifteen and forty-four, so do not apply this data to those fifty-year olds in your life. You'll look like a complete fool.

A few fun facts we learn:

- Heterosexuals (aged twenty-five to forty-four, at least) are really digging anal sex these days! 36% of women and 44% of men have engaged in the act with an opposite sex partner. As Neil Patrick Harris sang about the Tony Awards, it's not just for gays anymore. (Though, let's be honest, it never really was.)

- Women are twice as likely to have engaged in same-sex sexual activity than men, with 12.5% reporting in the affirmative to men's 5.2%. Interestingly, the percentage went up from 11.2% for women and down from 6.0% for men since the last such survey in 2002.

- As you might suspect from the last figure, slightly more women report exclusively same-sex attraction in this study than in the one from 2002, while slightly fewer men do the same. In fact, the male age group with the highest percent of exclusively same-sex attraction is the oldest, thirty-five to forty-four, which seemingly goes against the whole "kids these days will sleep with anyone!" trend. But, men aged twenty to twenty-four are the least likely to respond as completely heterosexual, so make of that what you will.

There's a good deal more info if you'd like to pore through the report, which is available as a PDF here. And remember, this is all data retrieved during 2006 to 2008. Who knows how many straight people are using the backdoor these days.

Commentarium (9 Comments)

Jan 05 12 - 4:08pm

Until that last graf, I was thinking Sinead O'Connor might be responsible for the uptick in upbutt activity.

Jan 05 12 - 4:56pm

The ladies especially dig ass-to-mouth (hey, it's YOUR ass! Why not?).

Jan 05 12 - 6:29pm
Losannae theCnti

Wish my girl was in that 36%...

Jan 05 12 - 8:48pm

So if I understand this correctly, more straight guys are taking it up the ass. Right?

Jan 07 12 - 5:11pm

Of course not! That might indicate that the uptick in anal sex amongst heterosexuals was evidence of sexual liberation and not just more porn-driven man pleasing.

Jan 12 12 - 8:42pm

uh yea, guys are taking it and giving it, which helps them take it slow when they do give it as asses are as uni sexual as you can get

Jan 06 12 - 1:56am
Banana Sam

At a time that the deficit is over $1T, even I know this is a waste and I'm a monkey.

Jan 07 12 - 3:16pm

Most interesting fact I got from this: Gay and bisexual women were reported as more likely to have had anal sex than gay or bisexual men.

Jan 12 12 - 8:46pm
zimminy cricket

my last gf was bi and loved ass play, licking, fingering, kissing. just saying "sloppy seconds up the ass" alway got her bent over grabbing my stick and literally jamming it up there. Hard act to follow. Loved her ass-thusiasm.