The most interesting people on Nerve: Building Tetris, cemetery jogging, and The Origin of Species

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Forget that chump who shills Dos Equis — you're the most interesting people in the world. We took a look at what Nerve Dating members said they were up to this week, and it turns out you're an eclectic bunch. Every time you go to Nerve Dating, you answer the question, "What did you do last night?" Here are our favorite answers this week.

Most Vivid Imagery:

• "Stopped by Wall Street and watched a SWAT team (no joke) take a cardboard sign away from a protester."
• "Was washed and groomed for National Pet Day."
• "Watched MIT kids play Tetris on the side of a building."

Truth In Reporting Award:

• "Made sandwich. Ate."
• "Had sex with a stranger. Felt awesome."
• "Filed my taxes."

Most Brooklyn-esque Check-Ins Of The Week:

• "Learned how to screen print."
• "Made kale chips. I live on the edge."
• "Ate some gluten-free yellow cake with chocolate frosting for dinner."

Things We Never Suspected Could Be So Endearing:

• "Did laps in a cemetery."
• "Fell asleep listening to Origin of Species audiobook. That's just how I roll."
• "Baked tiny cakes in my Easy Bake oven."

And there you have it. Keep being your fascinating self and keep checking in at Nerve Dating. If you're lucky, you might just find someone to fall asleep to audiobooks with.