Austin named America’s most sex-happy city

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Austin swimming

Men's Health has a survey out on the most sexually-active cities in America, and we'll all be debating its results for, well, the next year. In it, the magazine named Austin the #1 "sex-happy" place in the country, taking into account birth rates, sex toy sales, condom purchases and STDs.

The top 10:

1. Austin, TX (condom sales: 1st, birth rate: 15th, STDs: 23rd)

2. Dallas, TX (condoms: 5th, births: 6th, STDs: 25th)

3. Columbus, OH (13, 22, 15)

4. Durham, NC (18, 9, 27)

5. Denver, CO (7, 20, 27)

6. Indianapolis, IN (41, 11, 12)

7. Arlington, TX (5, 16, 54)

8. Oklahoma City, OK (34, 10, 20)

9. Bakersfield, CA (12, 3, 48)

10. Houston, TX (10, 8, 50)

Of course, to us, the "sex-happiest" cities would be the ones where one can purchase condoms, get a prescription for contraceptives filled, buy sex toys, have plenty of willing and attractive sexually-active people, and can get laid often while in a relationship. You know, Shangri-La.

I wonder what kind of opposition The Pill or Plan B have run into in these cities, particularly Austin, which is in Texas, which only recently allowed people to buy sex toys for personal fucking use.