Bad habits lead to bad sex

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Apparently health fanatics are on to something: a new study has shown that an unhealthy lifestyle is associated with sexual dysfunction.

Researchers used data from 5,552 Danish men and women aged 16-97(talk about casting a wide net) and found that tobacco and drug use, inactivity and weight problems all contribute to a lack of a sex partner or no sex, period.

Researchers found that men with a "large waist circumference" (how diplomatic of them) had a seventy-one percent higher risk of sexual dysfunction than their fitter counterparts. For men using hard drugs, the risk rose up to 800 percent. 

Women who used hashish were three times less likely to have an orgasm than non-users.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, those with lifestyles deemed unhealthy were at a higher risk of not having a sex partner at all — seventy-eight percent in men and ninety-one percent in women. The study also found that sexually inactive individuals are more likely to be involved in unhealthy lifestyles.

So something's rotten in Denmark, but what about the United States? I don't know, but I would wager that although we have a lower rate of drug-related fatalities, our experimentation with the more common illicit drugs (pot, cocaine) is pretty competitive on a global scale, and well, the less we say about our obesity rate, the better. 

This doesn't really surprise me — I never really envisioned Keith Richard as a dynamo lover. But what does interest me is the idea that sexually inactive people are more likely to be unhealthy. Is it a chicken-or-the-egg scenario? Are they turning to drugs, alcohol, and Double-Downs because they're not getting laid? Or does their cocktail of whiskey, weed and Wing-Dings just make them more unattractive to potential partners?