Barack Obama to gay bullied teens: “It gets better. No homo.”

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Barack Obama

Ever since Dan Savage launched his "It Gets Better" campaign — providing moral support for gay teenagers who are getting bullied — there has been a wave of celebrity participation. Ellen DeGeneres made a video, as did Neil Patrick Harris, Anderson Cooper, Tim Gunn, and many others. Today, however, the movement was joined by its most prominent participant yet, the President of the United States. 

The contents of the video are more or less what you'd expect. It's slow, stately, and well-enunciated. He describes bullying as a national epidemic, and compares what gay kids go through to his own childhood, growing up feeling "different." (In a quick, but deliberate aside, he also reminds us he's not gay). It might not be the most motivating thing ever, but for lonely high-school kids in Arkansas, it's got to be comforting to see. The fact that we have a president who's gay-friendly and YouTube-savvy is also pretty awesome.