Bizarre circumcision bans are now officially illegal in California

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crying baby

File under "things that should have never made it to a court in the first place" — California governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill that would prevent local governments from instituting the bans on circumcision that have gained inexplicable political popularity as of late. 

The bill came in response to a San Francisco petition, signed by 7,700 supporters, that aimed to get a proposal on the city's November ballot to outlaw the circumcision of most male infants. The measure was so questionable that a judge already ruled it unconstitutional back in July, but Brown has now made it official. 

So does this mean California's anti-bris movement will screech to a halt? Does it mean that we'll be hearing much more from creepy anti-circumcision-pro-teen-sex-minister-slash-musician Svend la Rose? Only time will tell. In the meantime, the fate of California's infant foreskins hangs in the balance. Heady stuff.