Boxer claims he was paid $1000 to fake Tiger Woods sex tape

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Above: Tiger Woods; inset, boxer Teneal Goyco

Startling news in the almost-forgotten Tiger Woods sex scandal: a man says he was paid $1,000 by the husband of Devon James, one of Tiger's alleged mistresses, to stage a sex tape with her. Teneal Goyco, a boxer from Philadelphia, claims James and her husband approached him after the scandal broke and told him they had a fantasy of him dressing up as Woods and going back to her hotel room.

The man claims he had sex with James to fulfill her fantasy, collected his grand, then promptly forgot all about it. Forgot about it, that is, until the tape hit the internet, having sold for a mid-six figures, and he recognized himself:

"I wanted to make some money, not ruin someone's life," he said. "I thought the tape was just going to be for them personally, I didn't know they were going to use it to make money."

Mr Goyco has reportedly spoken with a lawyer to see if he has a case against James. The porn star told Radar that Mr Goyco's claims were false. "Nick doesn't allow me to do boy-girl porn anymore; he would never allow that," she said. [Courier Mail]

Of course, it's possible that he saw only a thumbnail still of the tape and didn't correctly identify the participants or he's making the whole thing up for some strange publicity ploy that will be unveiled once anyone compares his image with the one in the tape… but I'm not buying that. Then again, Goyco doesn't look a thing like Tiger Woods. (He's apparently the guy at far right in this shot.)

Teneal Goyco

What I keep coming back to, though, is the fact that no one cares about the Tiger Woods affair anymore. Could Vivid have planted this story in the press to drum up more interest in the tape?