Bride arrested at her own wedding reception

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Wedding fight.

Is it fair to say that Arizona is quickly becoming the Florida of the West? Last Saturday, a wedding reception near Phoenix ended not with cake and drunken dancing but pepper spray and handcuffs

Worst of all, it was the bride who was cuffed.

Angela Davito, 28, was the raging bride who, after kicking a police officer, was "arrested on charges of assault and obstructing governmental operations." And she apparently brutalized her guests as well:

Officers responding to a call found a large brawl in the backyard of the home and told everyone to stop fighting. But the commotion continued, and police officers pepper-sprayed the crowd. White says people then got angry and aggressive toward the officers and that Davito charged a partygoer.

No word yet on why the "large brawl" began, or on where the wedding photographer is going to publish the surely amazing pictures of the bash (see what I did there?), but hopefully some strategic Flickr browsing can change that.