“Daily Mail” readers up in arms over mom dating her son’s childhood best friend

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Stifler's Mom

In today's Daily Mail, a middle-aged British mom dishes the dirt on her seven-year-long love affair with her son's longtime close friend. While the arrangement (now) pleases all three of them, it didn't make Daily Mail readers any happier or hopeful about their own love lives…

…which is a shame since the romance is genuine and quite beautiful, really. Twenty-year-olds Theo and Oli, who were good buds in secondary school, were hanging out on a three-week vacation when Theo took a liking to Oli's mom. He flirted with her but tried for nothing more than a goodbye peck on the cheek. Days later, they bumped into each other at a local bar, got drunk and confessed their feelings for each other. After a whirlwind few days (that included doing the deed), Oli's mom, who is not married, took her son aside and confessed everything.

If you don't want me to see Theo anymore, she said, I'll stop right now. But he gave his consent and the relationship has been going on for seven years now, despite Oli changing his mind back and forth a few times. (He's now all-aboard, according to this piece.)

But check out the typical mean-spirited reactions from the Mail bag:

-What a selfish woman. And yes, I am allowed to make this judgment because when you decide to be a parent, you are obligated to make your child's well-being and happiness your number one priority, since you are responsible for their existence. This means that some things are just off-limits, like… dating your son's friend who is half your age. The psychological damage she has done to her son just to make herself happy is unforgivable. It's possible not to give into your baser instincts…. Disgusting.
-I think it is horrible! I'm not concerned about the age gap, but they could've stopped it before it became anything. The way they said they'd break up if he wanted them to was obviously just a guilt trip, what could the poor boy do? They shouldn't have let it get that far in the first place! [Daily Mail]
Interestingly, both of these comments come from out of the country. Shut up, New Zealand and America.