Britain’s old ladies become $400 prostitutes for Vintage Vamps

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Sheila Vogel elderly hooker

It's a sad day when senior citizens are working as £250-an-hour hookers… or is it? Are these confused old people desperate to make ends meet or free-spirited old folks, proud of their still-high sex drives? Or something else?

These questions and more popped up today when it was revealed that Vintage Vamps, a popular site for aging British escorts, featured the 81-year-old maternal grandmother of a popular X Factor contestant. The alleged prostitute's name is Sheila Vogel and she charges a whopping $400 or so American per hour for her company, something that greatly upset her granddaughter, singer Katie Waissel.

Waissel is a favorite to win the Simon Cowell-led series this year, but the Daily Mail and other U.K. media outlets say the revelations about her family have nearly destroyed her. But should it? Should she be thrilled that her kick-ass grandma is on an escort site, in glamour shots, and men are lining up to pay her huge amounts of money for her body? What do you guys think?

By the way, here's how the site describes Vogel:

Classic vamps are like fine wine and we are delighted to introduce one of our agency's great vintages, the grand dame Cecilia Bird. The cultured lady has recently celebrated her 80th birthday. Beneath my conservative exterior lurks the secret passion to meet up with like-minded gentlemen to share the taste of forbidden fruits.