British auto retailer lists the 10 best cars to have sex in

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Christina Hendricks car sex

You know what they say: kids in the backseat cause accidents, and accidents in the backseat cause kids. Well apparently a lot of frisky Brits better be careful. According to a survey conducted by, a UK online car retailer, fifty-four percent of Brits admitted to having sex in a car. Nearly one in three men (twenty-eight percent to be exact) found the experience to be fantastic, while only eighteen percent of women felt the same way. Meanwhile thirty-one percent of females found car sex to be overrated, or just downright wrong. Only eleven percent of guys agreed. 

Additionally after much rigorous, uh, research, Autoquake also compiled a list of the top ten vehicles to do it in. Their number one choice, the swanky Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate. They cite its "huge load area" (ew) which provides ample room for amorous couples. Interestingly enough the original Volkswagen Beetle comes in second place. Apparently its snugness makes sex a difficult yet rewarding challenge. Read their entire list below:

1. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate
The huge load area makes the big Merc perfect for amorous couples.

2. The Volkswagen Beetle (original)
Making love in a Bug is rather snug, but if something’s difficult it’s also more satisfying.

3. Ferrari 458 Italia
If you are going to have sex in a Ferrari, do it in a semi-auto so there’s no danger of injuring yourself on an ice-cold gearstick.

4. Mini Cooper
Recreate the swinging '60s by swinging in a Mini.

5. Volvo V70
The dog lover’s favorite makes the perfect car for, err, dogging.

6. Volkswagen Golf GTI
An efficient, satisfying car for efficient, satisfying sex.

7.Alfa Romeo Spider
The romantic choice for the more mature lady and a recent graduate.

8. Rolls-Royce Ghost
Why not do it in the lap of luxury? Just mind the upholstery.

9. Aston Martin Vanquish
You’ll be keeping the British end up, as Roger Moore once said.

10. Land Rover Discovery
Whatever the weather, the Discovery will get you to that quiet rural car park