British man reports the world’s first case of sex-induced blindness

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Blind couple having sex

Love is blind. And for one British man, so is sex. It's a scenario eerily reminiscent of those warnings your mother gave you during those extended stays in the bathroom during your teenage years. In one of the most peculiar medical incidents ever reported, an unnamed man would lose his sight every time he climaxed during sex.  Even more weirdly, no other strenuous activity or exercise brought about such blindness — only sex. And you thought your blind dates were awkward. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

A recently released report from the Department of Ophthalmology at Glostrup Hospital revealed the cause of the condition to be vasoconstriction. That's when the muscle walls contract around a blood vessel, restricting the flow of blood. It's the same condition that causes erectile dysfunction (and, um, apparently blindness). The patient is currently being treated with drugs that will widen his blood vessels. Looks like boner pills might serve a greater purpose after all.