Brooklyn sex shop delivers toys like right now

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When you're hungry and want pizza, you want pizza. Knowing this, savvy pie companies will rush you your food, often promising to be there in 30 minutes or less. Brooklyn-based sex shop Babeland is extending that concept to sex toys.

The Park Slope, Brooklyn shop is partnering with a bike messenger company to get those instruments out ASAP. So no more waiting days or weeks for that awkward encounter with the UPS man. Now sweaty bike messengers will rush you your pleasure stick or fuzzy cuffs before you've cooled off, usually making it within an hour. (No word on whether your Hitachi Magic Wand is free after that.)

This is exactly the sort of thing that rush delivery was invented for. You order online or by phone, Cupid's bikers bring the goods, and a discreet, presumably not penis-shaped, box is simply dropped at your doorstep or nestled cheekily in the folds of the Sunday Times. Brilliant. Only one question remains: does it come with cheesy bread?