Business executive wins ten-million Euro lawsuit over naked sleepwalking claims

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Naked Sleepwalkers

Sleepwalker Donal Kinsella just won Ireland's biggest-ever libel case in what might be construed as a victory for sexual harassers everywhere.  Here's how the incident in question went down. Kinsella, a business executive wandered into his secretary's hotel room on a business trip in the middle of the night not once, not twice, but three times — stark naked. According to accounts he was sent back to bed by his manager.   

His company, Kenmare Resources later issued a press release saying the firm was seeking his resignation over the incident. The press release also claimed "something juicy" occurred and that he tried to "jump" his secretary, making it the most salacious inter-office memo this side of Mad Men.   

Appalled at the accusations of sexual harassment Kinsella sued and won 10 million Euros (that's about 15 million American dollars). The Dublin company however plans to appeal. Kinsella said he felt "exhilarated and vindicated" by the verdict. Looks like he can sleep easy now.