BYU suspends star athlete for having pre-marital sex

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Brandon Davies

Brandon Davies, star player for BYU's nationally-ranked basketball team, has been suspended from the team for violating the school's honor code. How so, you ask? By engaging in (gasp) premarital sex. Funny, when I was in college, I always thought the point of becoming a hot-shot athlete was so you could more easily sleep with young coeds. I guess that presents quite the paradox at a Mormon-affiliated university.

To add insult to injury, Davies has even had to apologize to the rest of his teammates. Though in reality, they're probably the only ones who are sorry he indulged his natural sexual urges.

This whole incident brings the school's honor code into question. How realistic is it to expect undergrads to abide by rigidly repressive and moralistic standards, especially during such a formative and exploratory period in their lives? Or rather, how realistic is it to expect anyone to willingly want to attend to BYU?