Charleston, Salt Lake City named the cities with “the most attractive people”

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Charleston South Carolina single women

Local economy got you down? Why not avoid El Paso, Texas (winner of a recent poll for "cities with the ugliest people") and move to Charleston, South Carolina, where there may not be any more jobs or cheap housing but at least there's plenty of eye candy to settle down with?

Travel & Leisure just named The Holy City the city with the most attractive people in the United States. It also nabbed the #1 spots for antiques shopping, cool boutique hotels, cozy bed & breakfasts and awesome neighborhoods. 

Charleston houses a mere 125,000 people, so that means it's probably small enough that people actually want to talk to you, unlike some cities. (Not naming names. New York.)

Here's the top 5:

5. Salt Lake City, UT

4. Miami, FL (duh)

3. Savannah, GA

2. San Diego, CA

1. Charleston, SC

One more thing: in 2008, Charleston was named the #6 best city for dating overall, so that must be relevant even two years later.