Check out Jon Hamm’s predictably endearing advice to teenage girls

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Jon Hamm is obviously great on Mad Men and obviously great on 30 Rock — seriously, how has he not won an Emmy yet? — but did you know he's also great in real life? (You probably did.) Frighteningly accomplished teen Tavi Gevinson got Don Draper himself to participate in Rookie Mag's ongoing video series "Ask A Grown Man" — which previously featured such other great dudes as Paul Rudd, Hannibal Buress, and BJ Novak — and he proved to be pretty sage when it came to young girls' dating advice. Ladies: Jon Hamm is totally cool with your farts. Let it be known.

Oh, Jon. I hope the scientists who made you are patting themselves on the back today, because it takes effort to be so wise, so amusing, and so casually hot.

Also, dear teenage girls (and guys, actually): Please follow this advice! Just do your own thing, and follow your own interests, and get good at the stuff you love, and eventually you'll find someone who is chill with all your awesome weird stuff. Sadly, that person will not be Jon Hamm, but you'll deal.