Check out these 1930s score sheets about what makes a good husband and wife

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It goes without saying that I just… I just really fail at both. Dresses for breakfast? I'm lucky if I get dressed for dinner! And if dinner isn't pizza! If "pizza" isn't actually a bottle of red wine and some ramen. Via the Thought Catalog comes these score sheets meant to be used by a husband or wife to rate their other half on the most important factors of each role. And while a lot of these qualities are still important today — I would indeed like a spouse who doesn't openly demean me and/or flirt with other people, Scientific Marriage Foundation! — some of them are just odd. (Red nail polish? Reading at the table? Curlers?)

Also, not surprisingly, the ones for a "good wife" are pretty depressing. Remember, girls, a man doesn't want to come home from a long day of work to find you with a goddamn seam in your hose.

How would you do as a husband or wife in the 1930s, readers?