Christina Hendricks: “Women want to get in my pants”

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Christina Hendricks Harper's Bazaar cover

Harper’s Bazaar did a great job of making Christina Hendricks look bland as hell in this month's issue, but that didn't stop their profile of her from making headlines. It seems that every time the Mad Men actress opens her mouth, a new fantasy enters our heads… regardless of whether or not that fantasy will ever be carried out:

Women hit on me,” she chuckles. “My husband thinks it’s so odd that so many women hit on me.” Gay men too. “They say to me, ‘Well, I’m not straight, but if I was…’ I think it’s so flattering.”

Dude, it's not odd — it's Christina Hendricks. God, this guy really is too lame to be married to her, isn't he? 

“When the attention started to become about my figure, I was surprised, because it wasn’t something I was focused on. And then it became very positive, and people were saying very nice things.”

A fan approached her and said, “Excuse me, I just want to tell you that I watch your show, and you make me feel better about myself. I am a curvy woman and you’ve made me feel sexy and beautiful.’ I got teary eyed.”  [Harper's Bazaar]

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