Christine O’Donnell’s sleepover partner ID’d

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God willing, Christine O'Donnell and her anti-Onanist platform will be significantly less relevant in about three hours. But just under the wire, investigative website The Smoking Gun has ID'd the man who not-so-kindly recounted his one-night stand with O'Donnell to Gawker last week. For a reported four-figure payout, Philadelphia man Dustin Dominiak reported on O'Donnell's pubic-hair stylings while chivalrously declining to identify himself. (Look, we think O'Donnell is totally preposterous, but that's not a nice thing to do.)

In a comic turn, The Smoking Gun found Dominiak via the Boy Scouts uniform the pube-journalist was wearing in the Gawker photos (taken, to clarify, on Halloween). Gawker blocked out his name and face, but TSG was somehow able to trace the uniform to Brad Kurisko, a local scout leader who'd leant it to his friend Dominiak for Halloween, had no idea that pictures of it were online, and told TSG that he was going to "kick [Dominiak's] ass." More on this story as it develops. Actually, probably not.