Church’s “BOD4GOD” program helps parishioners get skinny for Jesus

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BOD4GOD book cover

Weight-loss programs, especially those that offer ineffective solutions ("Eat six meals a day! Watch the pounds fly away!") to guilt people into signing up are pretty irritating. And, let's be honest, so are Evangelical Christians. (Not all Christians. Just the ones who proselytize.) The two together might be the most obnoxious thing ever

The Journey Church, an Evangelical church with four locations in New York, is adopting a program by a Virginia pastor (the "anti-fat pastor"). Parishioners meet regularly to follow the program's four-step weight-loss program, which basically adds prayer to the same old "eat less, exercise more" schtick.  In a stroke of brilliance, it's called BOD4GOD. You know, like a text message from Jesus, telling you to be less fat. 

After that, it's a pretty standard weight-loss program, albeit with a very weird message. Basically, you are created in God's image, so you should feel good about yourself. You're also fat, and dishonoring God (by giving his image such a fat ass). So cut that out.