Colby professor busted filming students in the bathroom

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Law & Order: SVU
Oh, pervy professors — Law and Order: SVU has been warning us about them for years! This is really pretty bad though: apparently a Colby (a respectable liberal-arts college!) professor accompanied his students on a trip to China. Upon arrival, he gave them a medical kit and a sinister black box that was not to be opened and had to remain in the bathroom, so that it could be located at all times. Oops, the sinister black box actually turned out to be a video-camera that taped his students using the bathroom. The students discovered they were being taped when one of them saw an image of another student using the bathroom on a computer the students and professor both shared. Busted!

The professor claimed he'd never done this before — and then retracted that statement, admitting that he had taped students on a previous trip to China and had also taped a woman in his apartment. It gets better: because his activities were in China, there may not be a crime to prosecute him for. Police have said:

"There was some concern that there may be some issues back home and that's what we based our search warrant on, but we haven't found any evidence of that yet. We don't have a crime you can prosecute in this country."

I don't know. Does anyone remember the episode of SVU with the female cellist, whose landlord, who was also her professor, had cameras planted in her apartment? I'm pretty sure that was illegal! Jesus guys, just ask Eliot Stabler and Olivia Benson.