College newspaper shocks with racy cover photo

While students over at USC are getting busy on rooftops, further south, University of Northern Florida students are freaking out about a controversial cover photo for Spinnaker, the school's newspaper. The photo, which shows a woman in a bra receiving simulated oral sex from a fully clothed man, illustrates the cover story about how easily HPV is contracted from unprotected oral sex.

The complaint from students is that the photo is distasteful and used only for shock-value, thus distracting from the story's serious message. University President John Delaney is reporting that it's mainly women who have come to him with such complaints, which, as a woman, I find to be somewhat odd. What's upsetting about shedding light on a STI that's mostly an issue for women and depicting an act that is still something of a sexual taboo in our society? If women are upset about this, can you imagine if they had used a picture of a woman simulating oral sex on a man? Feminists from all over the world would be bumrushing Northern Florida as we speak! 

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Mar 29 11 - 1:12pm

she's grabbing his head, not his throat. how does the title relate to the photo? at the same time, though, i can't come up with a more appropriate image for the story...

Mar 29 11 - 3:04pm

She looks to be around 3 feet tall.

Mar 29 11 - 4:09pm

Call it what you want, but "distasteful" would be the last word I'd use to describe what's simulated there. ;)

Apr 02 11 - 10:06am


Mar 29 11 - 4:10pm

just another example of trying to cast fear + devilry upon women's bodies. very very lame.

Mar 29 11 - 5:39pm
Look ma, no hands!

He needs to be using his hands, what the heck is he doing? Unless of course he's using them on himself, then I guess it's OK.

Mar 29 11 - 7:41pm

Agreed. And is she balancing on a stool? As a woman I protest this photo, simply because it makes no sense.

Mar 30 11 - 12:51am
It is distasteful-

but it has an important point!

Mar 30 11 - 7:50am

Like that fatfuck is gonna get a woman like that.

Jun 16 11 - 4:00am

The man kinda looks like a gorilla with his posture. Use the hands man!