Colorado “sexology” major works as “naked sushi” model

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University of Colorado senior Haley Dorfman — who has created her own unique "sexology" major at CU (I wish I could have created my own beer-and-card-playing major) and hopes to pursue sexual research as a career — works part-time as a "naked sushi" model for Hapa on the Hill, a Boulder/Denver area restaurant. Hapa introduced the concept of eating cold, raw fish off a naked woman's body about a year ago as an "art piece" that blends Western and Japanese cultures, not as a cheap ploy to drum up business. Hapa owner Mark Van Grack says "She is naked. But we do cover the model's privates with banana leaves and garnish, along with the sushi."

The ancient art of Nyotaimori has been practiced in Japan for centuries, and is still an active part of Japanese culture, especially in Geisha houses. Models like Dorfman — a self-styled third-wave feminist — get to lie on a heated pad for comfort as strangers pick their dinner off them, perhaps recalling the scene in Hot Shots! where Charlie Sheen cooks breakfast on Valeria Golino's stomach. Since models are completely covered, there's no risk of violating Boulder's public-nudity codes. Dorfman, who must realize the irony of a "sexology" major lying there like a dead fish, says:

"The whole event is in really good taste and very artfully done. The body is a beautiful thing. Any expression of sexuality is great. A more 'sex positive,' openly sexual society would be what I aim for."