Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. now has a mistress scandal to contend with

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Giovanna Huidobro

Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., already caught up this week in the Ron Blagojevich Senate seat scandal, is making headlines again after involving an alleged mistress in his political affairs. Jackson, the son of the Reverend Jesse Jackson, is rumored to have asked supporters to make campaign contributions to then-Governor Blagojevich in order to lock down President Obama's vacated Senate seat. Jackson hoped Blago would appoint him after a certain number of contributions were made.

The alleged bribes also included a deal that, for some inexplicable reason, also involved Jackson's rumored mistress.

Jackson allegedly directed Raghuveer Nayak, a businessman and major fundraiser, to purchase two plane tickets from Washington to Chicago for Giovana Huidobro, a hostess at Ozio restaurant in D.C., the paper reported. Huidobro was interviewed by the FBI as part of the Blagojevich investigation about a year ago regarding a dinner with the congressman and the businessman at the restaurant on Oct. 8, 2008, according to the Chicago Sun Times. In a March 2009 FBI interview as part of the Blagojevich investigation, Jackson described Huidobro as a "social acquaintance," sources told the newspaper. [Gawker]

I'm not sure I buy it. Jesse Jackson, Jr., a Congressman and possible rich dude, demanded some other rich guy pay for his mistress to be flown to Chicago? Perhaps he was just asking for a favor, to have someone else pay for the tickets so there would be no record of him buying a young lady some plane tickets, but it's still pretty stupid… even for an Illinois politician.

Jesse Jackson Jr.'s mistress