Conservative calls Democratic opponent “homosexual” ten times in eight sentences

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Toni Sessoms campaigners

As if this year’s campaign trail hasn’t been bizarre enough, this weekend, the chairman of the Campaign for Michigan Families, Gary Glenn, released a laughably heavy-handed automated campaign phone call, or robocall, to alert Michigan residents about a homosexual in their midst. The subtle text of the robocall mentions the word “homosexual” ten separate times in a mere eight sentences:
Liberal Democratic lawyer and openly homosexual statehouse candidate Toni Sessoms, doesn't share our values. boasts that Sessoms is 'independently wealthy, and if elected would become the first openly lesbian state representative.' Sessoms is endorsed by the homosexual newspaper in Detroit, by Detroit's homosexual equality Michigan PAC, and by the Michigan Democratic Party homosexual and transgender caucus. Sessom's campaign manager is the openly homosexual Central Michigan University faculty member who lost the statehouse race two years ago. Her deputy campaign manager was co-president of CMU's homosexual student group — an openly homosexual candidate with a campaign run by homosexual activists. But, of course, in a district where voters strongly supported the marriage protection amendment, none of this is disclosed on Tony Sessom's campaign material. With homosexual activists in the Michigan Democratic Party pushing to repeal our marriage amendment, our families deserve a state representative we can trust shares our values. Not a candidate with a hidden agenda, homosexual activist agenda, not Toni Sessoms.
A recording of the call is available here. Now, Sessom's platform involves bringing jobs to her district and protecting funding for public schools. But after listening to the call, it's clear to me that she has a nefarious, homosexual agenda. And, that she is a big, gay homosexual.