Cosmopolitan goes to Mongolia


Or rather, Mongolia's getting its own edition of Cosmopolitan (much though we might relish the idea of Cosmopolitan and everything it represents being exiled to the desert like a deposed Han dynasty warlord).  Above, an image of an average Mongolian farmer and the magazine I'm having a hard time imagining him reading. Apparently, Cosmo itself is having a hard time imagining this — the initial print run is only 7000 copies. But they probably know what they're doing, as this is their sixty-first international edition. Stephen Colbert had some fun with this story last night — check out the video below.


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Cosmo Is Available in Mongolia

Commentarium (4 Comments)

Dec 07 10 - 8:27pm

I see plenty of articles about body hair and how to style it coming down the pipe.

Dec 10 10 - 1:40am

a bunch of kids in my high school came from mongolia and were pretty well adjusted. they say it's not that much different there *shrug*

Dec 13 10 - 11:55am

@eee: I'm suspecting they said they were from "Philadelphia". You just misheard them is all.

Dec 15 10 - 8:25pm

@Twolane I also asked my classmate the question "wait, so Mongolia isn't mostly rural and it actually has cities like this one?" But I guess I could still be mistaken..though they did form their own Mongolian ethnic club and speak to each other in Mongolian.....